The shaft-hub-connections - Clamping Sleeve

The German Company named "SPIETH-Maschinenelemente" develops, produces and sells among other things high-level shaft-hub-connections. Due to the works standard this kind of shaft-hub-connection is called clamping sleeve.
Each type of clamping sleeve is based on the system of a diaphragm, which is used in different applications. The execution of the clamping sleeves varies depending on the used case. The differentiation is done by the tolerance field of the shaft and by the initiation of clamping force. For the regular shaft the used tolerance field is h5/h6, for the shaft of motors it is k6/m6.
The initiation of the clamping force can be done from the front face by integrated clamping screws or by an adaptation of the connecting components. By ignition from the connecting components, we can differ between a central ignition from the shaft or from the surrounding of the hub. An adequate
specification is necessary to find the right type out of the variety.

Technical details, assembly examples of a clamping sleeve to be found here...




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